Llamas at Almosta Ranch

The first llamas arrived at Almosta Ranch about 6 months after the first alpacas. At first they really intimidated me, but after I learned how to properly communicate to them what I expected of them, life was easier. I have a very small llama breeding program. The wonderful part of the line that I breed is that the crias are the total package. Not only do they have the tendency to guard, but they are structurally sound, have a nice temperament and gorgeous fiber. I no longer breed any alpacas, but have continued to breed the llamas. They are out of nationally known breeding lines and have always performed well in the show ring. I, myself, have not shown them but new owners have taken them to shows with great success..

I first started with just 2 alpacas in 2003, when I found myself at a crossroad in my nursing career. The angora rabbits arrived at the same time. I had been breeding rabbits for years along with  my daughter while she was in 4H. I changed breeds so the angoras could add to the fiber production on the farm.  I left the full time chaos and went back to working per diem. I still did a fair number of hours and the position I had required a fair amount of driving. I continually bred my females up to males with the charateristics to enhance them.  My breeding program had a heavy focus on fiber. As I got a little older and found myself unable to do all the physical work, I slowed down the breeding aspect and started selling off my breeding stock. The final five girls left as a package and I kept my first 2 oldest girls to live their life out here. I had originally purchased 2 llamas because I thought they were cool and the female was an excellent guard. She passed away, but I kept one of her daughters who has continued the guard tendency and has also been a great producer for me. I have sold every llama cria born on the farm. They have all had guard potential. I continue to breed llamas on a small scale.

I am a member of GALA (The Greater Appalachian Lama Association).

My first llama, Ted and his friends, Stan, Lucky Diamond and Billy Paul