French Angora Rabbit

Second most popular breed of angora

The French Angora does not have any wool furnishings on its head, face, ears, or front feet. The ears may be plain or tufted, with the tufting restricted to the tips of the ears. The head should be oval shaped and balanced with the size and shape of the body. The head also has some side trimmings. A profile view of the French Angora will give the appearance of an oval shape. In viewing down on the animal it should present an oblong shape. The wool on the French Angora will have an abundance of guard hair that should protrude above the underwool. There should be a good balance of guard hair and underwool with the underwool being heavily crimped. The wool should be full of life, strong, and fall free.The junior buck and doe are not to weigh over 7 ½ pounds with a minimum weight of 3 ¾ pounds. The senior buck and doe may weigh from 7 ½ pounds to 10 ½ pounds. The ideal weigh is 8 ½ pounds.In judging the French Angoras the majority of the points are based on the wool, which includes density, texture, and length. The points for ‘General Type’ include the body type, head, ears, eyes, feet, legs and tail. Additional information may be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection


French Angora Rabbit Wool 

The wool on French Angoras has a higher percentage of guard hair to underwool than the English Angora. The guard hairs protrude above the underwool, which is heavily crimped. Expected wool length is 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches, though it can grow longer if not harvested. 

The extra guard hairs simplify the care and grooming, as the coat is far less prone to matting or felting on the rabbit.  The fiber qualities are excellent for handspinning. It spins easily, and the yarn is fluffy. 

French Angoras are fairly low maintenance. Nevertheless, if you’re utilizing the fiber, it is best if you do minor grooming regularly in order to ensure no mats, webs or felting. 

A maintenance schedule would include using a heavy blower to blow through the coat once or twice a week as long as the rabbit is in prime wool 
The rabbits should normally be sheared 2-3 times a year. 
Regular grooming keeps the rabbits beautiful, maintaining the good personalities and gentleness of French Angora rabbits. 

Angora wool is 7 times warmer than wool from sheep. 

It is a natural animal fiber 
It is clean, coming directly from the rabbit 
It does not require washing, picking, combing or carding 
It is luxurious 
It is very durable 
It is hand-washable 
It is non-allergenic, does not irritate the skin 
It is easy to dye 
It blends extremely well with other fibers